Feel free to download these images and get it printed on your t-shirt.

800 run t-shirt design - Front (1.9MB)
800_run_front.pdf (1.95MB)

800 run t-shirt design - Back (10.2MB)
800_run_back.pdf (11MB)

Hash Weekend t-shirt design - Back (1.66MB)
hash_weekend_back.pdf (1.7MB)

Hash Weekend t-shirt design - Front (73KB)
hash_weekend_front.pdf (77KB)

On-on logo (76KB)
on-on.pdf (80KB)

Red dress run t-shirt design (134KB)
red_dress_run.pdf (138KB)

Holyland HHH logo

HolylandHHH_logo.jpg (182KB)

Thirsty Knights HHH Logo

TKHHH_logo.jpg (179KB)

Tel Aviv night run Logo

runner.jpg (748KB)

I'm not a heavy drinker, I can sometimes go for hours without touching a drop.

Noel Coward


Holyland HHH
Runs every Saturday afternoon (3pm in Winter, 4pm in Summer)
Thirsty Knights HHH
Usually runs every other Thursday night, starting at 8pm
H4 Image Gallery
Updated regularily with pictures from past hashes
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The World Hash House Harriers site
A great resource site on all things hash related
A t-shirt store where you can pick up H4 hash shirts
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